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We're Mullu, a film and communications platform from the native peoples of Abya Yala

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MULLU is a digital platform born from Indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples, designed to reforest your imagination with films and stories that deepen community. Meet the communicators and filmmakers imagining alternative futures into existence.


Mullu Film School
We've created a part distance-learning, part attendance-based school that adapts to the different realities and worldviews of creators from frontline communities and territories. We provide and share film production equipment, tools and know-how, exchange ideas around representation and audiovisual sovereignty, and collectively develop strategies to break mainstream media bias.


We co-produce films and reportage from Indigenous , afro-descendant , and frontline filmmakers, communities and collectives. 


Mullu Platform:
We lovingly curate a catalog of films and features created by filmmakers from across Abya Yala.

Social Networks:
Join our online community where we post news from frontline communities and share and promote the work of distinct filmmakers and creators.

From the frontlines, in
our own voices; the films and
reportage transforming the world

Desde los pueblos en resistencia, en nuestra propia voz, aquí están las películas y reportajes que transformarán tu mundo

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Nuestras Alianzas

Mullu is the result of the sustained collective effort and valuable support of our close partner network. We’ve built lasting alliances with Indigenous, Afro-descendant and diversity leaders, communicators, grassroots filmmakers, advocates, collectives and organizations from all over Abya Yala for the co-production and distribution of engaging audiovisual content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mullu es una plataforma de acceso libre, gratuito y universal. Es decisión de cada organización o realizador/a, si desea que el contenido que exhibe en la plataforma esté disponible de manera gratuita o bajo modalidad de alquiler. Además, las personas que entren en la plataforma podrán realizar aportes económicos, voluntarios y directos para las organizaciones, colectivos o personas realizadoras detrás de la creación de los contenidos. De esta manera, puedes contribuir al trabajo de creación de realizadorxs indígenas y afrodescendientes. Todo pago que se realice dentro de la plataforma será destinado directamente a la organización, colectivo o realizador/a elegida.

For the time being, all our content is subtitled in Spanish and English. We’ll have more languages available in the near future.  

Our platform is a sovereign digital territory and exchange portal showcasing content from Indigenous and Afro-descendant filmmakers and journalists. Mullu's multidisciplinary team maintains complete editorial autonomy over its content. Our editorial line corresponds to the initiatives of the people we work with.   

We’re financed through a network of donors, foundations, organizations and collectives that share our principles and respect our independence. We’re a non-profit entity. We accept donations, grants and sponsorship from individuals, organizations and foundations to support the growth of the platform, but never at the expense of editorial independence. Consistent with this policy, we reject donations from anonymous sources, political parties, elected officials or candidates, anti-rights religious institutions, as well as from the extractive industry.

Mullu prioritizes and promotes content created by Indigenous and Afro-descendant filmmakers, and productions created through collaborative community processes. However, we also occasionally feature content from non-indigenous filmmakers who work on issues relevant to indigenous peoples, and/or that have been produced in close collaboration, and with the explicit consent of the communities and grassroots organizations involved.